We offer three types of English reading and learning courses to match varying levels of skills and abilities – Caterpillars, Chrysalis and Butterflies. We also offer grammar classes to help children achieve writing proficiency.


Why Phonics Power?

All courses run by Phonics Power are special in their own way. We just do not transfer information to children but, we transform them into confident speakers and writers of Right English. Our courses are carefully designed and crafted to reach out to children of differing abilities.

Every child is individually assessed for skills and the courses are customised accordingly to best suit that particular child. Our activity-based individual and group learning exercises combined with innovative Jolly Phonics methodology bring about remarkable improvement in children’s English skills in a faster pace. Our periodical assessments help us gauge every child’s progress and follow remedial measures wherever needed.

Led by two passionate founders who are trained Phonics teachers themselves, we have a vision to empower kids with Phonics Power and enable them achieve their ambitions. We have our presence at East Tambaram and Annanagar West. Our centres have dedicated and skilled teachers who share our vision. We are fully-equipped with the complete set of teaching aids to teach English to young children between four and ten years.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits are plenty to be listed but the major ones will be…

- tremendous improvement in children’s reading and spelling skills

- confident oral communication abilities

- exposure to creative writing, role plays and knowledge sharing

- Excel academically

- Enhance their overall personality

- comprehend the language well

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