To accomplish our broader vision to taking the Phonics teaching methodology to every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, we offer onsite Jolly phonics trainings for preschools and pre primary schools across Tamil Nadu .

How do we do it?


Courses offered

We offer three levels of Jolly Phonics classes to match varying levels of skills and abilities - Caterpillars, Chrysalis and Butterflies. We also offer Jolly grammar classes to help children achieve greater proficiency.

The Caterpillars - Learn Sounds and Letters

This course is suitable for Kindergarten children (aged 4 to 5 ) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Introducing the 42 Jolly phonics sounds with Jolly Songs.

• Matching sounds with pictures and identifying the letters.

• Introduce correct pencil hold and letter formation.

• Vocabulary development.

• Listening and responding to stories.

• Activities related to phonemic and phonological awareness.

The Chrysalis - Read with ease

This course is suitable for Upper Kindergarten children (aged 5 to 6) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Learning the 42 Jolly phonic sounds and reading words.

• Consonant Blends and tricky words.

• Dictation .

• Choosing correct sentences for pictures.

• Introduction of Alternate vowel spellings

• Creative writing.

• Picture talks and sentence writing.

• Reading decodable readers.

• Retelling stories.

• Comprehending the language.

The Butterflies - Reading Wizards Level I & II

There are two levels in 'The Butterflies' suitable for class I (aged 6 to 7) and class II (aged 7 to 8) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Recap of Jolly phonics sounds and alternative vowel spellings

• Spelling rules of English

• More of spelling patterns and syllables

• Learning the spellings of Tricky words

• Nuture the love for reading and exposure to books of International authors

• Creative writing

• Understanding grammar concepts with activities and worksheets

• Expanding sentences

• Use of Jolly Dictionary

The Great Grammar - To speak and write better

The Great Grammar classes comes in different levels for students from class III to class V. Some of the topics covered include:

1. Rigorous practice of parts of speech

2. Sentence structure

3. Active and passive voice

4. Tenses & other concepts of Grammar

5. Phrasal verbs

6. Common mistakes at Elementary level and how to avoid them

Designed to improve the overall English competency across the four skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing, 

Our Course will also involve composition, group discussion, essay writing, and poster writing to instill confidence in children.


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